Wheelchair - Mobility equipment

Wheelchair ceased to be a "stool on wheels" a long time ago. Today it represents a modern tool that should enable the user to have better quality of life, mobility and functionality in accordance with his capabilities.
The choice of wheelchair is made according to user’s needs and anthropometric measures. Wheelchair should meet certain standards and be appropriate to individual customer requirements.
Each part of the wheelchair has a specific function.
Thus, the seat provides support for the pelvis, which supports the entire body. One should take into account the possible asymmetry or fixed pelvic inclination, when it is necessary to make individual polyurethane seat.
Backrest provides support for the spine and prevents tiredness during the long sitting.
The arm rests should be adapted to the functional status of the patient. If the user has problems with balance or occasionaly needs to relieve seating section, then the arm rests are necessary. On the other hand, if the user is highly active in the wheelchair, armrests may reduce its functionality.
Supports for the foot, pedals, can be omitted entirely, if it is necessary for the user to move with the additional leg movement (paralysis, amputation …), or may be necessary, with adjustable angle, so as to prevent contractures or compromised circulation.
There are very important elements that affect the safety of use, such as brakes, tires, wheel axle position, the angle of the wheels, the addition of anti-tip…
Wheelchair can be mechanical (for indoor or outdoor environment), electric and toilet.

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