OKM system

OKM SYSTEM individually customizable system for immobilization which consists of 100% cotton fabric and elastic types of polyurethane foam. Enables precise copy of part of the body to be immobilized. The advantages of the system are speed and ease of application, but main characteristic is its low weight.

Fracture, postoperative rehabilitation, arthritis, ligament injury.

OKM SYSTEM should be applied by a specially trained professional, otherwise Orthoaid can not accept any claim.
The application of each orthosis from OKM SYSTEM is fast (for any segment of up to 60 minutes!) and comfortable for the patient. Lightweight , strength, a natural material which is coated with polyurethane, the application speed and the possibility of monitoring configuration of segments in details, contribute to the fact that orthosis OKM SYSTEM is best choice for a number of indications.

Side effects that would affect the whole body have not yet been recorded. The correct application is essential, however, each orthosis if it is too tight can cause tightness and rarely constriction the surrounding blood vessels.

Hypersensitivity reactions on materials that are made by OKM SYSTEM orthosis, have not been recorded. Prior to the application of any orthosis and accordingly, the OKM SYSTEM too requires prior consultation with the doctor.

ORTHOAID is the authorized orthosis distributor for the manufacturer OKM Spain in Serbia.

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