Orthopedic devices

ORTHOAID began the development and manufacture of orthopedic devices in 1997. As a result of this strategy the SILICONE PROGRAM was initiated in 1997: our own technology of making silicone external breast prosthetic, orthopedic insoles for children and adults, heel pads and other silicone products that are used in this field. Our expert team is following the modern approaches in treatment and rehabilitation, and they developed the PROGRAM OF MAKING ORTHOSES AND PROSTHESES.

In cooperation with orthopedic experts from our country, but primarily from the Children’s University Hospital in Belgrade, the program of thermolabile plastics orthosis has been developed.

The application of orthoses by OKM System began in mid-2006 – Polyurethane orthotics that are modeled directly in only 30 minutes. Thanks to modern technology, individual approach, early and quick application of tools, we get greater comfort for patients, better use of aid and relief in everyday activities. With this we are achieving the goal: satisfied patients and shorter rehabilitation.

ORTHOAID has recently focused its activity on the implementation of standard operating procedures and more internationally recognized standards, in order to increase efficiency and standardization of product quality.

Indications to date supplies are approximate and include only those that are commonly discussed.

ORTHOAID aid applies only in consultation with the physician who determines the indication and type of devices.