Orthoaid is the official distributor of CIRS (USA Manufacturer) for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CIRS is recognized world wide for tissue simulation technology and the manufacture of phantoms and simulators for quantitative densitometry, calibration, quality control and research in the field of medical imaging and radiotherapy.


The products that we offer from C-RAD Inc. are: Sentinel™ and Catalyst™

The C-RAD Sentinel™ is an advanced system for surface contour localization and monitoring of the patient in the radiotherapy treatment process (doze delivery) with sophisticatd 4DCT and LINAC gating capabilities.

The Catalyst™ system consists of a next generation optical patient surface scanning and re-projection hardware device coupled with a highly optimized application software designed for workflow integration.



The philosophy based on constant progress and introduction of innovative technologies led SM ORTHOAID to become the first distributor of medical devices for fixation-immobilization patients in radiotherapy of respectable Belgian manufacturer ORFIT.

Key element of radiotherapy efficacy is in proportion with achieved dose on the tumor region while minimizing effects of radiation on healthy surrounding tissues. The modern, very sophisticated machines in radiotherapy imposed the necessity for fixation systems which enables accuracy and reproducibility of radiotherapy as main prerequisite of efficacy.

ORFIT Industries makes and designs patient fixation systems for radiation oncology since more than 15 years. It all started with the production of low melting temperature thermoplastic materials with specific properties for patient fixation in radiation oncology. Efficast thermoplastic material has been formulated for application in radiation in oncology and has controlled performance characteristics. It is easy to mould and use and it can be shaped very closely to patients anatomy, providing excellent reproducibility and comfort.

Efficast has unique features:

Low working temperature of 65C? is more convenient for both patient and technician

Controlled stretch enables stable thickness of the mask during the whole application

Low shrinkage owing to molecular configuration which limits the natural retraction when cooling

Non- sticking coating prevents material from sticking to the patient hair and skin and hardware

100% memory enables mask when reheated to get back to its original shape

Activation time is supposed to be 3min on 65C? leaving 5min on patient for setting

Environmental effects; there is no release of toxic fumes during activation and thermoplastic materials can be disposed of with normal hospital waste.

Efficast is offered in a wide selection of 3,4 and 5 point pre-cut masks. The precision with which the patient is positioned repeatedly thanks to unique L-shaped multi-point interface that fixes the mask onto ORFIT High Precision Hardware system.

Raycast High Precision Hardware is designed to set new standards in precision, durability and lightness in density and weight.

ORFIT low density hardware is made for use on treatment machines. The carbon fiber sandwich construction base plates have an attenuation factor that is non-significant in dose calculation.


Intraoperativna radioterapija na bazi elektrona pomoću mobilnog linearnog akceleratora NOVAC 7

Efikasnost zračne terapije u direktnoj je vezi sa intenzitetom zračenja sa jedne strane, ali i sa nivoom tolerantnosti okolnih osetljivih tkiva. Činjenica je da ukoliko ne postoji vremenski interval između operacije tumora i momenta zračne terapije - lokalna kontrola tumora se značajno povećava.
Intraoperativnom radioterapijom se zrači ležište tumora neposredno posle operativnog zahvata uz zaštitu okolnih tkiva; zahvaljujući Elektronskoj Intraoperativnoj Terapiji (ELIOT) moguća je aplikacija povećanih doza uz homogenu doznu distribuciju.
Radiobiološki efekat pojedinačne doze ELIOT je 1.5 do 2.5 puta veći od ekvivalenta frakcionisane doze spoljne zračne terapije. Tako je doza od 21 Gy ekvivalentna 52 Gy frakcionisane spoljne zračne terapije.

Kada se radi o tumoru dojke, 1 minut ELIOT zamenjuje 5 nedelja tretmana spoljnom zračnom terapijom

ELIOT omogućava eskalaciju ukupne doze koja bi u drugom slučaju bila toksična za zdrava tkiva: kombinacija ELIOT i spoljne zračne terapije idealan je sistem za smanjenje rekurence tumora posle operativnog zahvata. Tako, ako se doza od 40-50Gy frakcionisane zračne terapije doda na 10 Gy ELIOT, postiže se efektivna doza od 60- 80 Gy.

Koncept ELIOT se primenjuje u sledećim sličajevima:

karcinom dojke,
kolorektalni kancer,
karcinom pankreasa.
karcinom stomaka,
sarkom mekih tkiva.

Vreme neophodno za ceo proces (pozicioniranje uređaja u sali, podešavanje tubusa kolimatora na mesto zračenja, isporuka doze i vraćanje uređaja na mesto čuvanja) ne prelazi 15 minuta. Aktuelno vreme zračenja je do 70 sekundi. Dakle 5 nedelja spoljne zračne terapije se zamenjumje sa 70 sekundi ELIOTa.

Ekonomski benefiti:

Nema dodatnih građevinskih troškova oko adaptacije prostora
Smanjenje liste čekanja za spoljnu zračnu terapiju
Nema dodatnih troškova personala
Uređaj se može šetati iz jedne operacione sale u drugu- čime se postiže bolja iskoristljivost
Inovativnost metode obezbeđuje klinički prestiž u interesu pacijenta


Completely innovative cooperation between surgical and radiotherapy departments

NOVAC7 is a new generation of mobile Linear Accelerator that introduces significant innovation in surgery and radiotherapy, bringing intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) a new dimension. Effective clinical results and reduced adverse effects on patients, combined with benefits for the clinic (structural, organizational and economic) make Novac 7 a necessary therapeutic system in modern oncology.

Without affecting the surgical equipment and the monitoring equipment, Novac 7 performs the entire treatment within 15 minutes, while the act of radiation itself takes about one minute. Novac 7 applicators are easy to use and easy to sterilize.


NOVAC 7 is a mobile device, consisting of a radiation unit, which does not emit X-rays, and a control console. The equipment is powered by a standard power source.

Its positioning and movement is a routine operation, no specific dosimetric tests are required.

Mobility is achieved by a motor system which is controlled by a remote control (joy-stick). The easy movement of the radiation head, with 6 free degrees allows the NOVAC 7 exceptional precision in positioning and centering. The light weight of the device does not affect the stability of normal floors.

Air beam properties

It only takes a few minutes to prepare the radiation device, and less than 20 seconds to emit a 10Gy dose in a 6cm field. The auto-focusing radiation structure (patented) is without a magnetic lens. The geometric shape of the applicator does not require dispersion filters.

Novac7 is a device with high beam stability regardless of the duration. With an energy range of 4 to 10 MeV, the formation of neutrons is avoided, which even in small quantities would be a problem for protection in conventional operating rooms.

Novac 7 also acts effectively on the tumor bed when macroscopic surgical residues are evident. With maximum energy, 80% of the isodose reaches a depth of 30 mm.


Novac 7 is equipped with a database management system that stores data of each treatment: all clinical and technical details of the patient, radiation-related parameters, isodose curves corresponding to a wide choice of radiation parameters. The software is equipped with management procedures and web protocols for collecting clinical data .

Orthoad doo is the official distributor for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Since August 2013. ORTHOAID is a distributor of the American company PROWESS, ie. the following products:

Panther - Treatment Planning System (TPS) i

Puma - Record and Verify Oncology Information System (OIS).

TPS Panther can be integrated (connected) with all linear accelerators and OIS used in our RT centers. Its advantages over other TPS used in the environment are: price, precise algorithm for dose calculation and it is extremely easy to use (user-friendly).

Our experienced support team, in addition to the installation and commission test, also provides the user , introduction support for new therapeutic techniques (IMRT) , remote, on-site planning and QC procedures.