Breast prostetics

Orthoaid breast prosthetics are designed to provide maximum comfort, esthetic shape and weight equivalent to real brests.
Materials from which breast prosthetics are made have been carefully selected and there is a special blend of silicon formed in a thin foil. Softness, weight, color and natural shape of prosthetics give psychological security to users and physical substitution at the highest level.

Setting the breast in the bra should be done very gently, taking care not to damage its thin foil with nails or any sharp object. For good stability of the prosthetics and its proper position, it is best to get a special bra with a pocket sewn on the inside.
You should take care of the hygiene of the prosthetics. Wash gently with mild shampoo or toilet soap in lukewarm water, then dry it with a soft cotton cloth or towel.
After wearing, the prosthetics should be returned in their original packaging (tray), to save them from possible damage.

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