ORTHOSIL SILICONE program includes making full pads, heel pads, separators and protectors for valgus. It includes the standard program and individual development.
ORTHOSIL pads allow relaxation of muscles and tendons, provide functional support for the foot and pressure depreciation on the joints when standing and walking. In children can have a corrective role.
ORTHOSIL pads are resistant to sweat, do not absorb odors and long-wearing does not change their properties.
ORTHOSIL pads are made of 100% silicone. They can be washed with water with the addition of soap or mild detergent agents (liquid soap, liquid detergent for the dishes …). They must be well dried, and then only the upper (trampling) side should be sprinkled with talcum powder or baby powder. Sprinkling the bottom side makes it difficult to fit shoes.
It is recommended to carry ORTHOSIL cartridges as long as possible during the day, with no restrictions on the type of footwear. The first-time wearing needs an adaptation period of several days. It usually starts with one hour wearing, and day by day wearing period extends.
Pad is easily installed in any shoe, but you are advised not to wear it in slippers, clogs and sandals with an open heel.
Choosing the right pad is made on the recommendation of doctors or on the expert assessment of Orthoaid team. Besides the expertise and experience of our team, for the functional evaluation of feet, podoscope and sensory platform – baropodometry are also available for users.

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